US Grappling Results

Congrats to our competitors at the recent US Grappling held in Frederick, Maryland.

Danny Keane--GOLD--Advanced NoGi Feather

Michael Angelo Kelly--GOLD--Advanced NoGi Middle

Michael Angelo Kelly--BRONZE--Advanced NOGi Absolute

Fabio Tamakloe--SILVER--Intermediate NoGi (injured in final)

Andrew Buscaglio--BRONZE--Novice NoGi Middleweight

Nils Thomsen--SILVER--Advanced NoGi 30+

Jason Brookens--SILVER--Beginner NoGi 30+

Michelle Temel--SILVER--Purple Women's

Victoria Binford--SILVER--Blue Women's

Danny Keane--SILVER--Black Belt Mens

Danny Keane--BRONZE--Black Belt Absolute

Michael Urban--SILVER--Purple Mens

Glen Lucas--BRONZE--Blue Mens

Jason Brookens--SILVER--White Mens

Clara Huon--SILVER--Kids age 7-8

Jared Ricassa--BRONZE--Kids age 9-10

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