US Grappling Results

The Foundry had an excellent showing at this weekends US GRAPPLING event. Athletes represented themselves with grace & great sportsmanship against some really strong competition. Check out the results. Very proud of everyone that stepped up to compete.

Many match videos can be found on our students only Facebook group.


Danny (black belt division) SILVER

Erica (2 divisions) DOUBLE GOLD

Michelle (2 divisions) GOLD & SILVER

Farooq (2 divisions) SILVER & SILVER (robbed of gold in NoGi final)

Kirk fought up a weight class against some really big tough guys & looked sharp

Fabio (2 divisions) DOUBLE GOLD

Charlie (1 division) GOLD

Curtis (1 division) SILVER

Glenn (1 division) BRONZE

Robert fought great in his loss


Zach (2 divisions) GOLD & BRONZE

Lucas (2 divisions) SILVER & SILVER

Sofia (2 divisions) SILVER & SILVER

Jared (2 divisions) SILVER & SILVER

Emma (2 divisions) BRONZE

Muhammad (2 divisions) SILVER

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