Jiu Jitsu is priceless. ...at any price.

For those who have put in the time, Jiu Jitsu is absolutely priceless. You cannot put a price tag on the almost endless benefits that one receives from training this amazing art.

However, every week, we receive calls & emails (as do most academies) from 'prospective students' that probably wouldn't sign up if it were Free. Heck, some people wouldn't even step on the mats unless We paid them to do so.

If YOU are price-shopping for a martial art or fitness program, please understand that we have dedicated our lives to self-improvement & the improvement of our students lives. This includes traveling & competing all over the country for many years, traveling to Brazil multiple times to train, spending tens of thousands of dollars as students & later as instructors, doing private lessons & seminars around the world. etc. etc.

Take 3 minutes & watch this video to understand why training is worth every penny AND MORE.

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