Adult Programs

Adult Fundamentals

This class focuses on basic techniques and concepts, which are crucial to building a strong foundation in Jiu Jitsu.

Students will learn real-world self defense, takedowns, basic positional escapes, sweeps, guard passes, and submissions.

*There is NO live sparring in this class* 

Adult Intermediate

This class is designed for students with 4+ months of training. Students will be introduced to new guard positions, passes, takedowns, escapes, submissions, and submission defense.

*This class offers Live sparring*

Adult Advanced

This class is directed to students who are Blue Belt and up.

Advanced positions are introduced and drilled in high repetition. This class also places emphasis on competition strategy for those interested, and offers plenty of positional and live sparring

Women's Only

Unlike most Women's Only programs ours is run by an actual woman AND one of only a handful of female Black Belts in ALL of Maryland, DC & Virginia. Missy has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 17 years and has competed at the highest level including the IBJJF World Championships at the Black Belt level!

Come check out the difference in a safe, supportive atmosphere.


Grappling without the Gi offers a different set of challenges. Fewer grips make the game faster, offering more movement and improving the Jiu Jitsu student's overall skill set.

NoGi is a key component to becoming a complete and effective grappler. Also a must for those interested in training or competing in MMA.

Thai Boxing

Our KickBoxing program is the only world-class kickboxing program in the area.  Classes focus on developing basic skills such as stance, footwork, combinations, clinch work, etc.

This is REAL kickboxing taught in a safe, supportive atmosphere with an emphasis on technical progression.

Try out a free class to see the difference in what we offer.