Heading 1The ONLY Kids Program in Montgomery, Howard, Frederick, or Carroll Counties with World Champion medalist 

& Brazilian National Champion instructors.

Have your kids learn from the most successful team

& the most successful  instructors anywhere in the area.


Jr Samurai
Advanced Kids

(ages 11-14)

The benefits of getting your child into BJJ are almost endless.  Whether you are looking to improve your childs focus and academic performance, self-esteem and confidence, flexibility, muscular endurance, agility and coordination, you have found the right activity AND the right academy.


Our kids classes are taught by world-class BJJ Black Belts with decades of experience (not a teenager).  The Kids program can be summed up in two words: Structured Fun.


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Little Samurai
Beginner Kids

(ages 7-10)

A total fitness program for kids that uses Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as an introduction to martial arts & physical fitness.  Classes are safe and focus on positive reinforcement, respect, focus & self control.


Your child will improve mental focus, balance, spacial awareness, build strength & endurance, while learning Real self defense through games, drills & Jiu Jitsu technique.  Get YOUR kids involved and begin to experience the benefits in just a few weeks!


No-Gi (sem kimono) Jiu Jitsu is practiced without the uniform.  Kids wear t-shirts/rashguards for a top & shorts/sweatpants for bottoms.

No-Gi Jiu Jitsu focuses on many of the same techniques & concepts, but without offering the same grips.  This forces students to adapt their techniques, making them more effective & efficient.

Teen/Adult Kickboxing

Our Kickboxing program is for kids 13+, with classes held on Tuesday & Thursday evenings, as well as Saturday & Sunday mornings.

Classes focus on safety first with an emphasis on stance, footwork, basic combinations & defense.

More experienced students are allowed to spar lightly with control & respect for their partner.

This is an excellent supplement to our grappling classes.